Welcome to the Straddie Community Fund

The Straddie Sand Mining Community Fund (the Fund) is the largest community investment ever made in the history of the Bay Islands. To date, over $1,100,000 from the fund has been spent on building projects and over half a million dollars is already committed for the coming year.

The Straddie Fund has been involved in delivering real projects which will support future tourism such as: The Point Lookout trail network, the Straddie Chamber of Commerce mobile device app, expansion of the All Sports Club and the amenities block at the Golf Club.

Past sand mining capital investment has also helped to deliver the Moreton Bay Marine Research Station which is one of the island’s other significant single employers on the island.

Applications for the Straddie Sand Mining Community Fund closed on 15 April 2016.  For more information, see Applications.

Straddie Community Fund Advisory Board Members

They’re everyday Straddie residents who have the important task of working with Straddie’s community and Sibelco Australia to help improve the quality of life for all Islanders.

This enthusiastic, passionate group of Straddie locals will help make decisions about how funds from sand mining will be re-invested back into the Island to ensure the future is bright for our Stradbroke community.

Meet your new Straddie Community Fund Advisory Board Members.